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Find out where any track is played on the radio! Made for record labels, artists, managers and radio pluggers.

Realtime global monitoring

30K+ radio stations

CSV downloads

Playtreks Feature Music Airplay Monitoring World 3D

Know where and when your music is broadcast.

Access accurate real-time airplay data from radio stations worldwide.

Monitoring more than 30,000 radio stations

PlayTreks makes it easy for anyone to track where music is played on the radio. From small independent radio stations, college radios to national stations, we monitor radio airplay in nearly every country.

This feature helps self-releasing artists, managers, promotors and record labels be on top of their business.

CSV exports

Easily download your data to CSV for further processing in your tools of choice. A widely used feature by our users to earn more with their music!

By downloading and delivering radio playlists to your Performance rights organisation (PRO), you can significantly increase the amount of identified 'matches' and get your royalty statements to look much better.

Unlimited airplay monitoring starts at PlayTreks

Airplay monitoring is available to users of PlayTreks Data Dashboard and tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists, record labels and artist managers.

And the best thing? Our incredibly affordable pricing. Where other services will charge you per monitored song, we offer a low monthly rate that allows you to track unlimited songs.

Built for artists

Own your career, find fans and optimize royalties

Promotion or touring plans? Base your decision-making on accurate data. Knowing your airplay is key to making the most out of the hard work you put into creating your music. Get solid proof of your radio airplay to collect more royalties, discover where your fans are, and find emerging markets by looking at where your music genre is hot.

Built for record labels

Identify markets, optimize promotion, maximise profitability of your releases

Monitor your label’s releases and get detailed airplay reports, saving you time and money. Use data to monitor the effect of your promotional campaigns and find your artists breaking through in new and emerging markets.

Built for artist managers

Gain negotiation power, identify new markets, maximize royalty payouts

Airplay data helps you identify promising markets and optimize your promotion strategies. Essential knowledge when dealing with record labels, music distributors and booking venues. Submitting playlists to performance rights organisation's will help you maximize your artist's royalty statements.

Energized by happy users

Here's what users are saying about PlayTreks Airplay Radio Monitoring.

  • "We use PlayTreks to monitor early airplay coverage for our releases, which helps decide where to launch additional promotion campaigns, or which stations to get in touch with directly. Solid airplay data helps us achieve so much more!"

  • "Wow, PlayTreks outshines any competition with their airplay monitoring. Pricing is in-cre-di-bly low and finally affordable for me as an indie self-releasing artist. Thank you!"

  • "PlayTreks is an incredibly effective tool for our radio promotion. The tracking is complete and accurate, and the worldwide coverage is incredible. Even airplay on the tiniest remote stations is captured and reported!"

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