PLAYTREKS is a powerful designed music industry intelligence tool with the most versatile & customizable data across digital streaming platforms.

A perfect solution for talent discovery, music management, distribution and analytics.


  • Amazing Features

    Powerful and affordable functionality for Artists, A&R Managers, Label Managers and everybody who loves music!

    Track Artists

    Social media growth per artist
    Playlist placement & positions
    Current & historical chart positions

    Discover New Talent

    Any artist or producer can upload music and be heard by all subscribers to PlayTreks. Consider PlayTreks to be a huge talentpool

    Distribute your music

    Part of the PlayTreks subscription service is to distribute your music to all digital streaming platforms, unlimited and without any restrictions

    Track Charts

    Streaming, download, predictive charts Search historical data, not just today Visual explore trendlines globally


    Manage your music on PlayTreks and always be in the know about your music's performance, royalties, growth and much more


    PLAYTREKS makes sense of playlists, tracks, and artists’ digital footprint in one dashboard.

    Why PlayTreks?

    The music industry being a industry with a lot of issues, of which transparency and insight are pretty big ones. With tens of tousands tracks being distributed every single day it is pretty hard to be heard, so if only you knew what's happening to your music, you would have a better shot at success. We provide you the tools to make informative decisions

    • We create affordable and powerful tools to democratize data for artists, record labels, A&R managers in order for them to make informed decisions faster
    • One dashboard for understanding what is happening to your music, without having to subscribe to a multitude of services
    • Subscription plans starting at a very low monthly fee which includes many great features managing your past and future releases
    • Tons of cool features and easy to use and customize to your own needs, whether you are an artist, A&R manager, label or music lover!

    PlayTreks, we make sense of music related data

    Find out who has added your music to their Digital Streaming Platform Playlists, find new, influential curators on the go to pitch your music to and get a better understanding of where your digital plays are coming from.

    PlayTreks is a great tool for measuring your growth on social media and streaming platforms.

    Watch in real time to see if your marketing is paying off.

    Stats stats and more stats. Learn more about who is streaming your music, where it has been playlisted and much more.

    Information is power. A full-stack solution (database, desktop, mobile apps & API) that can help you truly understand your audience and the way your music is being consumed.

    We are an accessible, affordable tool which can be used by anybody like artists, producers, artists managers, labels in order to help them getting insight and make better decisions.

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    It's Awesome

    Just a couple of reasons why you should join PlayTreks

    Your Music Heard

    Upload your music, get discovered, understand what is happening to your music, measure growth, distribute your music, just some features of PlayTreks

    Knowledge is Power

    Find out who has added your music to their Digital Streaming Platform Playlists, find new, influential curators on the go to pitch your music to and get a better understanding of where your digital plays are coming from.

    Management and Distribution

    Get the knowledge you ever wanted about your music, distribute your music for free to all popular digital streaming platforms, and improve your income by making informative decisions.


    Just some screenshots to make you "feel" PlayTreks

    Affordable Subscriptions

    We offer highly afforable subscriptions

    PlayTreks Free

    0,00 /month

    • Five Uploads Monthly
    • Analytics for own uploads
    • Limited distribution
    • Cloud Storage
    • 8/5 Customer Service
    • Automatic Backup

    PlayTreks Artist

    9,99 /month

    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Analytics for own uploads and 10 other artists
    • Unlimited distribution
    • Cloud Storage
    • 8/5 Customer Service
    • Limited Royalty Management

    PlayTreks Pro

    49,99 /month

    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Unlimited analytics
    • Unlimited distribution
    • Cloud Storage
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Royalty Management

    PlayTreks Label

    99,99 /month

    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Unlimited Analytics
    • Unlimited distribution
    • Royalty Management
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Automatic Backup

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