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What is music metadata and why is it important?

Music metadata is a set of information used to identify and deliver digital audio content. It is used by digital service providers (DSPs) like Spotify and Apple Music to suggest similar artists and by curators to create playlists.

Accurate metadata is also essential to allocate master and publishing rights to right holders - ensuring that creators are getting paid correctly.

Control your own metadata

PlayTreks Music Distribution makes sure that all actors involved in the creation of audio content are properly credited for the music they make and always meet all DSPs guidelines.

Quality Control services ensure that each audio, album artwork and metadata uploaded is compliant with the DSPs content guidelines and DDEXs standards - avoiding copyright infringements or rejections from DSPs.

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Find and view metadata

Correct music metadata is crucial to conducting a transparent music business. PlayTreks helps you find metadata for any work, song or creator.

  • Track features

  • Rights holder identifiers

  • Song characteristics

Find music's danceability, energy and more.

Your 360° view starts at PlayTreks Data Dashboard

PlayTreks collects and organizes data from many different sources, allowing you to view music metadata for any song ever created. The powerful metadata search function is part of the PlayTreks Data Dashboard,  tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists, record labels, artist managers and promotors.

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The PlayTreks Data Dashboard offers essential tools to make data-driven decisions for your music business.

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  • "This is an effective tool to keep track of multiple artists, find metadata or get inspired. PlayTreks is one of the few apps that you have always open during your working day."

  • "We use PlayTreks to monitor early airplay coverage for our releases, which helps decide where to launch additional promotion campaigns, or which stations to get in touch with directly. Solid airplay data helps us achieve so much more!"

  • "PlayTreks is very affordable for me as an indie self-releasing electronic music artist. I mainly use the Data Dashboard to see when other artists are releasing, so that I can find the optimum spot in an overcrowded market."

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