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We are PlayTreks

A team of passionate music professionals and technologists creating the most complete all-in-one workspace to supercharge any music business.

Our mission

We help music professionals get the most out of their music business.

The problem we solve

PlayTreks started in 2020 with a clear mission: help every music professional to get the most out of their music career. Our mission resulted from a range of problems we see in today's music industry.

These problems are deep-rooted and stretch from lack of transparency and insights, lack of reach, high complexity and costs to lack of income due to bad deals and too many middlemen taking a cut.

Being producers and label owners ourselves, we can speak from first-hand experience identifying these issues. And we know exactly what's needed to solve them.

The approach

PlayTreks distinguishes itself through a holistic approach and a three-fold strategy.

We offer transparency, we remove middlemen and we simplify things that are currently too complex.

Combining our team's industry knowledge with state of the art technology, we built a powerful all-in-one workspace for music professionals. It offers essential features to simplify tasks needed in any music business.

The solution

The PlayTreks app suite is the app to replace all others.

It helps our users register musical works and protect copyrights, distribute releases and singles and split the income among rights holders. It provides insight into metadata and market information from many sources, ranging from streaming platforms and social media to charts and radio stations. Data is enriched, correlated and made available to users in powerful dashboards.

In addition, our Music NFT marketplace acts as a bridge to web3, allow monetizing your music and engaging with fans using next-generation technology like music NFTs.

Supercharging any music business

Whether you are a music author, performing artist, record label owner or artist manager: our platform helps music industry professionals with many use cases.

From copyright protection, catalog management to data-driven marketing decision making, and from music distribution and promotion to improving fan engagement using web3 technology.

Again, it is our mission to help every music professional get the most out of their music career. We do this by continuously improving our platform with innovative applications and by making things as accessible and easy as possible. With fair pricing and apps designed for ease of use.