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Global streaming analytics & social stats

PlayTreks aggregates worldwide music and artist performance data to get you a 360-degree view on the industry.

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All-in-one music analytics tool

Advance your career or music business with better informed, data-driven decisions.

Actionable music data

PlayTreks collects and organizes data from many different sources. We aggregate data from socials, streaming, charts, playlists and airplay to get you actionable insights, visualized in our powerful Data Dashboard.

Explore and discover what's trending

Whether you just want to track your own performance or keep track of all the artists on your roster - the possibilities are endless. Discover what the world is listening to, follow trends, scout new talent and track your competition. We help you stay on top of your business. Together we grow every day.

Your 360° view starts at PlayTreks

Music performance analytics are available to users of PlayTreks Data Dashboard and tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists, record labels, artist managers and promotors.

And the best thing? Incredibly affordable pricing. Where other services will charge you per followed artist, we offer a low monthly rate that allows you to stay updated on everything that happens in the music industry.

Supercharge your insights

The PlayTreks Data Dashboard comes with a bunch of other handy tools to run your music business effortlessly.

Energized by happy users

Here's what clients are saying about PlayTreks music analytics.

  • "Wow, PlayTreks outshines any competition with their airplay monitoring. Pricing is in-cre-di-bly low and finally affordable for me as an indie self-releasing artist. Thank you!"

  • "As a record label, we know our artists don't need over-complicated reports. No one wants to read those. PlayTreks is an incredibly effective tool to show artists how their music is performing and where their most engaged audience is located."

  • "We use PlayTreks to monitor the effects of our promotion campaigns and playlisting trades. The insights help us decide where our promotion budget is best spent!"

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