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The future of artist-fan engagement.

Build fan communities, license and sell content to fans and investors on NFT marketplace "The Playgrounds".

Licensing through music NFTs

The new, future-proof way of easy music licensing.

Direct artist-to-user licensing

No middlemen, you are directly doing business with your end user.

You set the license terms

Use our ready-made templates or create your own custom terms.
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The future of fan-artist engagement in music.

Building fan communities around artists and labels.

Building meaningful fan connections

As the world shifts towards a greater emphasis on deeper, meaningful connections and communities, PlayTreks leverages the potential of Web3 to foster new levels of fan engagement in the music industry with its integrated NFT marketplace "The Playgrounds".

Artists and labels use The Playgrounds to explore fresh avenues of creativity and (self-)expression. Fans use The Playgrounds to become active participants in the artists path to growth and success.

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Direct licensing through NFTs

Our easy-to-use NFT music licensing feature puts self releasing artists and labels in full control. You determine how many copies you want to make available (ranging from one to unlimited), and how much each copy will cost.

You can also set rules on what usage types are allowed with the licensed music (such as using it in videos, on socials, etc) and/or what other perks the licensee may obtain.

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Start your web3 fan community at PlayTreks

Publishing music to The Playgrounds is available to users of PlayTreks Music Distribution and tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists and disruptive record labels.

Once your music is uploaded to PlayTreks, we will automatically make your music available for streaming and licensing on The Playgrounds.

Your assets can be conveniently browsed, played and purchased on the marketplace and you can start building a web3 profile to attract new fans!

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Built for forward-thinking users

Here's what users are saying about the NFT Music Licensing capabilities of PlayTreks.

  • "In an overly complex music industry, PlayTreks found a way to make an important aspect very easy. Granting a direct license to whoever wants to use my music really is super easy now."

    Michael W.
    Self-releasing artist
  • "We really love how PlayTreks helps us deliver releases, while creating additional licensing opportunities on their NFT marketplace The Playgrounds."

    Nelson T.
    Record label manager
  • "Distributing our label's music through PlayTreks has opened the door to web3 music licensing and micro-licensing. A great way to unlock new income streams for our artists. Our team loves it!"

    Tech nerd at Neofuture Music

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