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PlayTreks helps artists, record labels and digital content creators to enter the world of Web 3, unlock revolutionary ways to engage with fans and tap into new income streams.

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PlayTreks helps artists, record labels and digital content creators to get the most out of their music. We deliver your music to streaming platforms worldwide, but we don't stop there! Unlike any other music distributor, we also allow you to create and sell music NFTs. A revolutionary way to license music and engage with fans.

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Music NFT creation through PlayTreks puts you in full control. You determine how many copies you want to make available on the Music NFT marketplace and how much each copy will cost. You can also set rules on what usage types are allowed with the licensed music and/or what other perks the licensee may obtain.

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Automatic NFT creation

Music NFT creation is available to users of PlayTreks Music Distribution and tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists and record labels. Once your music is uploaded, your NFTs will be created and made available on the fastest growing NFT marketplace, The Playgrounds. Your fans can conveniently browse, play and purchase your music on the marketplace.

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Here's what users are saying about the music NFT capabilities of PlayTreks.

  • "Distributing our label's music through PlayTreks has opened the door to web3 music licensing and micro-licensing. A great way to unlock new income streams for our artists. Our team loves it!"

    Tech nerd at Neofuture Music
  • "In an overly complex music industry, PlayTreks found a way to make an important aspect very easy. Granting a direct license to whoever wants to use my music really is super easy now."

    Michael W.
    Self-releasing artist
  • "We really love how PlayTreks helps us deliver releases, while creating additional licensing opportunities on their NFT marketplace The Playgrounds."

    Nelson T.
    Record label manager

Frequently asked questions on music NFT creation

The answers on this page act as a brief introduction. If you want to learn more about NFTs, please read our Music NFT marketplace support articles, covering in-depth topics.

What is an NFT?
NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is a method to digitally sign original media (like music, art, poems, videos). Virtually, anything and everything you want to sell and people want to buy can be turned into an NFT. some compare it to selling limited autographed copies of their work - but then digitally.
How do artists and labels benefit from creating NFTs?
The most important thing to understand as an artist or label owner, is how the blockchain, and NFTs, solve a problem that has been around in the music industry for decades. Simply put, blockchain is a technology designed to prevent tampering, which makes it the fundament to a new era of transparent, traceable accounting. This eliminates transparency and reliability problems that have been around in the music industry for decades. In addition, blockchain enables the use of cryptocurrencies. This allows anyone in the world to pay for music and support artists they love.
What is The Playgrounds?
PlayTreks helps creators and music rights holders monetize their music in every possible way. Blockchain technology offers great possibilities for this. Our Music NFT Marketplace, The Playgrounds, gives artists and labels the opportunity to connect with their biggest supporters directly, without any middlemen - while fans can build a portfolio of artists then believe in and grow with their success.

A new era of artist-fan connection

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