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Full control of your royalty splits

Manual royalty administration is a thing of the past. Using PlayTreks, you can auto-split your earnings with all collaborators.

You set the percentages

Earnings are split automatically

Collaborators receive monthly payouts

Playtreks Feature Music Royalty Sharing 3D

Share earnings with ease

PlayTreks can split earnings from any song or album and route it to anyone. You set the percentages, and we will automatically disburse the earnings to all collaborators, every month.

How to split royalties with your collaborators

When uploading your music using PlayTreks Music Distribution, you simply add all the people who worked on the song.

Simply set the percentage of earnings each person should receive, and PlayTreks will automatically disburse any income acordingly.

Transparent, personal earnings reports

Earnings are individually reported to each collaborator on a monthly basis. All collaborators have their own, personal PlayTreks account from which they can withdraw earnings whenever it suits them.

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