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PlayTreks Data Dashboard

We collect and aggregate music industry data, so you can grow your music business with data-driven decisions.

Your 360° view on the global music market

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Playtreks Feature Music Airplay Monitoring World 3D

We monitor all music, artists and labels

PlayTreks scans social networks, streaming platforms, charts, playlists and keeps track of radio airplay data so that you can make better informed, data-driven decisions for your music business.

Music & socials analytics

Measure your success! See how your reach is developing, find out where your audience is located - even check what other artists and labels are doing.

PlayTreks aggregates music and socials data into one comprehensive analytics platform tailored to the needs of self-releasing artists, record labels, artist managers and promotors.

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Radio airplay data

PlayTreks makes it easy for anyone to track where music is played on the radio. Monitoring more than 30,000 radio stations worldwide, rest assured we will know it whenever your music is played.

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Music metadata

PlayTreks collects and organizes data from many different sources, making it easy for you to search for reliable metadata for any artist, composition or track ever released.

Music metadata

Music charts

Discover what the world is listening to, follow trends, scout new talent and track your competition. We help you stay on top of your business. Together we grow every day!

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Where do tracks get their most streams from? Find out using our Playlisting tools. Comprehensive data tracking on any artist's playlist coverage worldwide, from top listings to total playlist reach.

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Energized by happy users

Here's what users are saying about the PlayTreks Data Dashboard.

  • "This is an effective tool to keep track of multiple artists, find metadata or get inspired. PlayTreks is one of the few apps that you have always open during your working day."

  • "We use PlayTreks to monitor early airplay coverage for our releases, which helps decide where to launch additional promotion campaigns, or which stations to get in touch with directly. Solid airplay data helps us achieve so much more!"

  • "PlayTreks is very affordable for me as an indie self-releasing electronic music artist. I mainly use the Data Dashboard to see when other artists are releasing, so that I can find the optimum spot in an overcrowded market."

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