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Music Distribution

Manage your music catalog from compositions to recordings, create albums and release effortlessly to all major streaming and social media platforms.

Distrokid · CD Baby · Tunecore · LANDR · Ditto · United Masters · AWAL · Fuga · and many more.

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Data Dashboard

Analytics and actionable insights from streaming and social platforms, charts and playlists worldwide will help you make the right decisions, every day.

Soundcharts · Songstats · Chartmetric · SpotOnTrack · and many more.

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Copyright control

From lyrics and recorded riffs to compositions: secure your music copyrights on the blockchain and receive instant proof of ownership registration.

Lawyers, notaries and other expensive copyright registration services.

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NFT Marketplace "The Playgrounds"

Discover the world of NFTs! Earn more with your creations, sell music and special perks to fans and investors on the NFT marketplace.

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Music businesses run on PlayTreks

Here's a few of the many things people use PlayTreks for.

Distribute to major streaming stores

Music monetization

Our robust music distribution solution is used by music professionals and label teams to simplify everyday tasks. Compile digital singles and albums, split royalties and report earnings with ease.

Make better informed decisions

Release promotion

Where is my most engaged audience? What's the best moment to release my new song? PlayTreks processes tons of music market data every day to deliver actionable insights to your business.

Take your music to web3 and earn more

Music NFTs

We leverage blockchain technology so that you can earn more with the music you hold the rights to. It's now easier than ever to publish music NFTs on our fast growing marketplace, The Playgrounds!

Created by passionate industry professionals

Being artists and label owners ourselves, we know what features make your life easier.

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Energized by happy users

The reason we get up and give it our best? Helping music professionals thrive!

  • "Partnering with PlayTreks helped us solve one of the most frustrating issues for artists: semi-annual reporting of their earnings. By automating our royalty management using PlayTreks Music Distribution, we now offer continuous reporting and direct monthly outpayments to our artists.”

    Leon Bolier
    Leon Bolier
  • "PlayTreks is revolutionary! Distributing our music catalog through PlayTreks has opened the door to web3. We are now creating NFT collections with ease, reaching new audiences and tapping into new income streams for our artists!"

    Luca Rushton
    Massence Records
    Luca from Massence
  • "I run my independent music business by intuition, backed by solid data. So glad I found PlayTreks! Your analytics dashboard offers data I haven't seen anywhere else. I especially love the graph that matches top artist's release schedule to their popularity metrics. Super insightful!"

    Independent artist

Questions & answers

Here's our answers to frequently asked questions.

What is PlayTreks?
We built PlayTreks to be an ALL IN ONE workspace for music professionals. A platform that helps you protect, publish and monetize your music, while offering transparency and insights on reach, performance and earnings. The PlayTreks suite of apps consists of various solutions tailored to specific needs. Browse our website to read more about all the features, and feel welcome to register your free account.
Who is using PlayTreks?
PlayTreks is loved by many satisfied users and endorsed by industry players. From independent artists, singer/songwriters and musicians to label teams, artist managers and publishers - PlayTreks is the swiss army knife for any music professional.
Is PlayTreks free to use?
Yes, for as long as you want. A wide range of PlayTreks features is available for free. As your star rises or your business grows, you may want to unlock more advanced features by considering one of our affordable premium plans.
What makes PlayTreks so special?
PlayTreks acts as a vehicle for artists, record labels and digital content creators to expose and monetize their music on traditional streaming stores/outlets, like Spotify or Apple Music. Unlike any other music distribution platform out there, we also allow our users to distribute music to innovative new outlets. By creating NFT collections of your release catalog effortlessly, you can enter the world of "Web 3", unlock revolutionary ways to engage with fans and tap into new income streams. And we have only just started...

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